Civil Engineering Services:
-Drainage Studies
-SEQR compliance
-Contract Documents
-Feasibility Studies
-Site Work Estimates & Letter of Credit Preparation
-Construction Inspection
-Watermain & Sewer Design
-Earthwork Calculations
-SWPPP Preparation, Inspection and reports.
-NYSDEC SPDES Permitting & Phase 2 Stormwater Compliance
-Residential Buildings
-Commercial Site Design
-Subdivision Design and Layout

Key Benefits
Knowledge of local requirements.
40+ years of Civil Engineering experience.
Cost effective design.
Our Engineers are in close communication with our Surveyors.
What We Do:

Site layout
We position your proposed building to take best advantage of the site. We layout site access, roadways, utilities, and parking.

Engineering Design
We design site access, internal roadways, parking, utility services and site grading using our many years of experience and the latest software design tools.  Projected water demands, sanitary and storm water flows are analyzed and handled appropriately.  Cost efficiency is built into every project at every step.

Construction Services
We prepare material quantities estimates and cost estimates. We help select appropriate contractors to complete your project.  We provide inspection services to assist you in maintain compliance with local stormwater permitting requirements.

We are licensed to provide Civil Engineering design services within New York State.

For information regarding our Civil Engineering design services,
please contact
: Greg McMahon. Phone: 585-436-1080.