Land Surveying Services:
-ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
-FEMA Elevation Certifications
  • Site Visit to check Elevations
  • We prepare the FEMA Elevation Certificate
  • We prepare the LOMA or eLOMA Application
  • We Work Directly with FEMA during the LOMA Process
-Survey Grade GPS & GIS services
-Machine Control Files for grading (3D Modeling)
-Mortgage Surveys/Instrument Surveys/Plot Plans
-Property Lot Line Staking (for fences)
-As-Built Mapping
-Base Mapping for Watermain and Sewer System Design
-Base Mapping for Bridge and Roadway Design
-Drainage & Hydrology Surveys
-Easement Descriptions & Mapping
-Planimetric Mapping
-Right of Way Surveys
-Utility Mapping Volumetric Surveys
-Utility Route Surveys
-Condominium Surveys
-Boundary Surveys

-Topographic Surveys
-Construction Stakeout
-Deed & Record Research
-Elevation Certifications
-Aerial Mapping & Control
-Cell Tower Site Surveys
-Wetland Boundary Mapping
Note for Other Surveyors: We can convert your old BENCHMARK Files, please call us for a Quote:

Key Benefits:

-Flexibility to meet your aggressive deadlines.

ALL work is done in NYS State Plane Coordinates NAD 1983/NAVD 1988 using Survey grade GPS to meet new government regulations

-We research records to uncover any encumbrances on your land.

-We use modern data collection techniques to minimize your cost.

-25+ years of surveying records

-Our Surveyors are in close communication with our Engineers.

Topographic Survey
We locate surface features and measure ground elevations on your parcel.  The collected data is used to prepare CAD drawings depicting the existing site conditions.  We can arrange to utilize aerial photography to obtain the topography of large parcels.

Construction Stakeout
We layout our proposed designs in the field at contractor's request.

Our staff will obtain records of your parcel to establish property boundaries and uncover any easements on your land.

We are licensed to provide professional Land Surveying services within New York State.

For more information regarding our Land Surveying services, please call 585-436-1080 or
email Al LaRue.