-Comprehensive Master Plans
-Development Layouts
-GIS database inventories

Key Benefits:

-Planned hundreds of commercial sites and residential subdivisions

-Experienced with re-zoning and high-density developments.

-Established relationships with local authorities.

Site Selection
If you are looking for site locations for your project, we can work with our network of realtors to find an appropriate site to meet your specific needs.

Site Layout
We prepare CAD drawings showing the proposed development on the subject parcel.  We utilize aerial imagery to show how the new construction fits into the local community.

We have planned multi-unit apartment complexes, residential subdivisions, retail outlets, and churches.

Subdivision Layout
We design residential neighborhoods in harmony with the surrounding land.

Our experience includes developing "cluster" subdivisions where higher density is permitted in exchange for dedicating open space and environmentally sensitive areas to Town ownership.

We prepare layouts that can include traditional residential lots or layouts that utilize modern development techniques such as "coving" to maximize yield while minimizing cost, providing added value to the developer and future homeowners.

Neighborhood Analysis & Pictometry Overlays
We prepare data sets and reports that demonstrate how the proposed project will complement the existing neighborhood and add to the neighboring community.