Single Family Homesite Services:

-Parcel Subdivisions / Lot Combinations

-Zoning Variances

-FEMA Elevation Certifications
Site Visit to check Elevations
We prepare the FEMA Elevation Certificate
We prepare the LOMA or eLOMA Application
We Work Directly with FEMA during the LOMA Process

-Mortgage Surveys/Instrument Surveys/Plot Plans

-Property Lot Line Staking (for fences)

-Driveway Access

-Septic Systems

-Residential Property Surveys

-Storm Water Drainage

-Lot Grading

Key Benefits
-Established relationships with local government agencies.
-Ability and flexibility to meet your aggressive deadlines.

Raw Land Sites
If you have a parcel selected, then the next step is to meet local requirements for site plan approval.  We have extensive experience working with local Planning Boards in the Greater Rochester Area.  We will prepare plans, address Town concerns, and represent you at Planning meetings.

If the site does not have public sewer available, then we will perform soil investigation and percolation tests to meet Department of Health requirements for septic system installation.

We work with several trusted Architects, Landscape Architects, Builders and Contractors whom we can team with to deliver the results you desire.
Existing Neighborhoods - New Construction
As undeveloped land close to large employers such as the University of Rochester becomes more scarce, neighborhood infill and redevelopment is quickly becoming
more prevalent in the Rochester area.  Development in established communities requires a heightened sensitivity to the adjoining neighbors.  We carefully analyze the
neighboring parcels using local tax records and other resources along with visual inspection to prepare reports that demonstrate how your proposed home will Complement the existing community.  We utilize aerial imagery to show how the new construction relates to the surroundings.

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