Developers need us when they are interested in a parcel of land or are trying to grow their business into out-of-town parcels in our area. They too seek help with refinancing and due diligence research, while investigating options for land use, land development, and land planning. If McMahon & LaRue are involved before the offer, they can help establish the offering, with consideration of zoning, wetlands, floodplains, topography, and utilities. Our developer clients know us for relationships we have built over the many years with town officials. We can inquire about land possibilities before offers are tendered. You can frequently find Greg or Al attending informational-development meetings in towns.

We perform:
  • Property Assessment
  • Concept Planning
  • Preliminary & Final Site/Subdivision Plans
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Make FEMA flood plain determinations and issue flood certificates/mitigation
  • Conduct FEMA site damage analysis
  • Support FEMA Public Assistance Programs (subject matter expertise available)
  • Permits – including: NYSDEC, USACOE & NYSDOS
Land closings can take as much as six to twelve months after purchase offers are made. Tapping McMahon LaRue services early in the process can have a large impact on time and monetary investments.
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