Our services are desired by home owners, realtors, insurance companies, attorneys, architects, developers, and city planners, including the Town of Webster.

Property owners and developers come to McMahon LaRue Associates to expand their own collective knowledge and expertise. Clients seek advice from the firm for civil engineering and remedies for FEMA properties located within a flood hazard area.

We serve our clients and deliver:
  • Drainage studies
  • State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) compliance
  • Contract documents
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site work estimates & Letter of Credit Preparation
  • Construction inspections
  • Water main & sewer designs
  • Earthwork calculations
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) preparation, inspection, and reports
  • NYSDEC SPDES permitting & storm water compliance
  • Commercial site designs
  • Subdivision design and layouts
  • Perc tests and design of septic systems
  • FEMA flood plain determination and issue flood certificates/mitigation
  • FEMA site damage analysis
  • FEMA Public Assistance Program support (subject matter expertise available)
In delivering FEMA services, the firm assists corporations and municipalities seeking FEMA reimbursement for flood damage, and works toward making property useful, while decreasing insurance costs. McMahon and LaRue do not charge for preliminary-office analysis to determine FEMA floodplain exposure.

We Serve:



We are presented with legal issues involving property lines, property and fence disputes, prepa-ration for land transactions, refinancing, and development opportunities.


Site engineers, civil engineers, and surveyors are needed by architects

Developers/ Builders

Developers need us when they are interested in a parcel of land or are trying to grow their business into out-of-town parcels in our area.

City/ Town Planning

Site planning and site designs are what we deliver to City/Town Planners for their review and approval.